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The Planning...

Social Media has replaced the days of driving to a venue within a radius so relatives and friends can easily make the trip.  Even though an integral part of the decision making process, horizons have been broadened with the use of virtual tours, apps, social media and reviews.  A great deal of sway is given to an image or word from a complete stranger so really, nothing beats getting out there and touring the prospective venues, eating at taster sessions, trying on refinery, seeing flowers in the shop - feeling the weight, smelling the fragrance.  All part of the process which is meant to be as rewarding as the big day and done well, will be.  A great time to start your own blog, include those immediately affected and be open minded.  You may not suit a full meringue skirt or a top hat (not together anyway)

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Please share.  You do not need to do everything. Have a get together, a brain storming with those closest to you and of course feed back to your partner.  Be realistic, your pet may not be that welcome at venues and pony rides could prove problematic for afternoon entertainment!  
Planners are a fab way of lightening the load and prove very cost effective if they revert a crisis and are often in a better position to source and obtain competitive items and services.  We have great pleasure in working with many such as:

Pinterest and Apps.

What great tools.  Power at your fingers tips, non committal, no wasting time waiting for a brochure to arrive, instant information gratification for the research needed to take the next decision.  A strong and informative web presence is not necessarily a mark of the service and commitment you will receive from this supplier but below are some useful statistics on mobile apps.


Having said all this, we plan with our clients and their representatives with email, calls, digital forms, face to face meeting and take every step methodically.  The information we need for production covers a broad spectrum of details you will not even know you have.  After all, information is powerful.  Any supplier unwilling to invest the time, share, advise and be open is not going to deliver the level of production required.  Your supplier must be honest so you can plan with confidence.

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