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The Challenges

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Very interestingly there are many high’s and low’s along the way but have captured the following information which you may find interesting.  It offers a great insight into the psyche of happy couples when planning and how they deal with the elements needed for a successful wedding, so, the biggest challenges are:

•    Budget 16%
•    Decision making such as venue and suppliers 15%
•    Keeping Track 13%
•    Family Politics 10%
•    Guest RSVP’s, communication, no replies 9%
•    Time Juggling 8%
•    Supplier Management, chasing, deposits 5%
•    DIY Crafting 4%
•    Seating Plan 4%
•    Bridesmaids dresses 2%
•    Legalities 1%

And believe it or not, 4% enjoyed the process and were stress free.

We hope you have enjoyed our toe in the wedding water so to speak and will be attempting a waist high wade in soon with more tips and hints for you wide eyed wedding couples.

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