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So you’re engaged, congratulations, what’s next?


  • You will look to book your venue within the first 3 months of engagement 

  • On average you will wait 23.5 months before your wedding day 

  • You will generally be aged 31.3 – 33.3 years old

  • Mood boards, physically or electronically can keep a record of your likes, must have’s and cost.  These are not “old hat”, they are a gift to the artistic side of any event.  A picture really does speak a thousand words and trust me, many thousands have been spoken over a “pinky, creamy, yellow (ish) dress” or wanting the evening celebrations to be bright and romantic but with a night club vibe”.  Check out for some great ideas

  • Choose your route now.  Will you need help (yes most probably) so, which road will you take, a planner, planning app, family/friend or DIY.  Be very aware the family/friend option can sometimes lead to trouble…..  


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